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Am I what I do? Am I what I like? Am I just my name? Am I my income? Am I the number of people who love me?

Maybe, but none of them describe me completely. I’m defined by the moments that I laughed my a** off, the moments that I cried so hard, the moments that I made someone smile, the moments that I helped someone, the moments that I needed to be helped, the moments that I loved others, the moments that I learned something. You see, it’s almost impossible to introduce someone in few sentences, you have to live with them for a while to know them. This blog is a small window to my life, and I hope I can help you learn something, or just have a good time reading.

  • My main interests are intelligence and decision making. More specifically, I’m interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Brain/Mind, Psychology, and Sociology. You can also take a look at my resume here.

  • My hobbies are playing the piano, playing soccer, playing logic/reasoning games with my friends, reading books, philosophizing, and writing.


I write about life, intelligence, finance, investment, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and books. I’m happy that you decided to join me to walk through this adventure.


I’ve never liked it when I was reading a blog post and it asked me to subscribe in the middle of the post. However, since I started to write this blog, I see that it’s hard to continue without any financial supports, but I still want to keep my contents freely available, because I believe that knowledge is priceless.

That being said, you can support and encourage me by buying me a coffee using the yellow button below. I appreciate your support in advance!

Happy reading, Kasra

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I'm a Ph.D. student interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and intelligence in its abstract form